Ippodo Tea

Ummon Matcha 20g Can


Matcha is a fine powder tea made from green tea leaves specially shade-grown for 3-4 weeks before harvest. This growing process makes Matcha rich in the amino acid L-Theanine and has a small amount of caffeine. L-theanine is known for creating a calming effect and responsible for the full-bodied subtle sweetness found in matcha. In Japan, this taste is referred to as Umami. 

For the most selective of matcha connoisseurs, we recommend Ummon (Ummon-no-mukashi.) Rich in umami, it is the highest quality tea amongst the year around Ippodo matcha.

This matcha is especially recommended if you want to really experience the characteristic full-bodied yet mellow sweetness of matcha.

To get the fullest experience of both the aroma and flavor - we recommend that you prepare this tea as a thicker koicha

This matcha was named by Zabosai Sosho XVI, the grandmaster of the Ura-Senke family of tea masters.

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