Tarot Cats


Dirt Queen loves independent artists, tarot, and cats! (all animals, plants, and fungi really)

Tarot Cats is a 78 card cat fan deck by the amazing Bunnydee. She adores cats and knows so many people who have had their lives changed by their cats. They are unique and magical and she wanted to make a tarot deck celebrating the joy they bring to the world. The deck comes with a small pamphlet talking about the creation and inspiration for the deck and giving a little info about the artist.

Each card design was originally hand-painted in watercolor and ink. So there are no digital renderings here it was all first done by hand. The design of the box and card face is done in adobe illustrator. She have two cats named Taos and Saguaro and they heavily appurrrroved of this project. (Dirt Queen also has an unofficial store cat named Clark - who also apurroves.)

The deck is modeled after the famous Raider Waite tarot deck. So any knowledge gained from reading regular tarot will work with Tarot Cats.

Each card measures 2.75 inches by 4.75 or 70MM by 120MM. Printed on glossy sturdy high-quality 330gsm card stock. The edges are glimmering embossed gold. The cards rest inside a rigid matte finish box with lower lid inner designs. Each deck is individually shrink-wrapped for safety. 

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