Sporgy Blue Dream Tea

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This relaxing, delicious blend is Sporgy's most popular tea!

It helps decrease anxiety, lowers symptoms of depression & inflammation, improves deep sleep, cognitive repair, and stimulates lucid dreaming.*

It brews naturally bright blue in color and when you add a slice of lemon it magically turns purple, right before your eyes.

This 100% edible tea is highly recommended to put on top of oatmeal or in a smoothie post brew.

Sporgy Mush Love Blue Dream Tea is naturally caffeine-free.

A cup in the evening will help you slip into a sound slumber & promote lucid dreaming.*

1 Tablespoon per 2 cups of boiling water,

Steep for 5-8 minutes or to desired strength.

About 20 servings. Can be re-brewed up to 3 times. Enjoy hot or chilled.

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