Peak and Valley

Peak and Valley - Nurture My Skin Adaptogen Blend

$24.99 $37.99

This blend uses adaptogenic herbs to help manage stress, and potent organic botanicals to protect against inflammation, sun damage, and wrinkles.* Benefits*: - Protects against hyperpigmentation + wrinkles - Improves skin moisture and elasticity - Anti-inflammatory -Provides protection against UV rays - Antioxidant How to enjoy: Add 1 tsp to coffee or favorite morning smoothie as a daily beauty tonic.

Potent & Powerful Ingredients:

  • Vitamin C packed Rosehips protects against hyperpigmentation while supporting skin moisture and elasticity. 
  • Potently anti-inflammatory Turmeric calms allergic and inflammed skin. 
  • Cordyceps mushroom works to protect the skin against harmful UV rays from the inside out.

Perfect for: Achieving an even and smooth skin tone, Promoting a youthful and wrinkle-free face, Saving money on costly skin serums.  


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