Oriveda - C+ Cordyceps - 120 v-caps - 450 mg


Oriveda - C+ Cordyceps - 120 v-caps - 450 mg (roughly 2 month supply)

C+ Cordyceps


Since the 15th century, Cordyceps has always been heralded as being a revitalizer.

  • Support energy and stamina*
  • Supports healthy libido*


Scientific research, in general, uses extracted, highly purified mushroom powder to investigate the potential of mushrooms.

Oriveda's powdered extracts are comparable in both composition and quality.


Cordyceps contains several unique bioactive compounds not found in noteworthy amounts in other mushrooms. Because of that, it can be considered a league of its own.

In Cordyceps C+ the emphasis is on exactly those compounds that are unique for Cordyceps; cordycepin, adenosine and several other nucleosides. Not on beta-glucan; for beta-glucan (immune support) Oriveda has developed a dedicated product, CCCE, the beta-glucan formula.

If you buy a Cordyceps supplement because it lists a high level of beta-glucans (or polysaccharides) you are not spending your money wisely. It's logical that a premium Cordyceps supplement should specify Cordyceps-specific marker compounds.

Marker compounds such as Cordycepin nucleoside, found in Cordyceps Militaris, have been the main subject of research in the past decades. The CS-4 mycelium strain, which is offered in the Oriveda C+ was found to be the strain with the most potency, largest presence of cordycepin, and highest rate of efficacy.  This strain is an important bioactive compound and a marker for the quality of the

Oriveda C+ is a combination of 66.6 % Cordyceps CS-4 mycelium extract and 33.4% Cordyceps Militaris (CM) fruiting body extract. The level of cordycepin is > 1%, making it the most potent Cordyceps extract currently on the market.

Recommended dosage is 3 caps p/day A leaflet with detailed instructions and background is included with every order.

Each vegetarian capsule contains 450 mg pharmaceutical grade dual extracted Cordyceps. **

  • • C. sinensis •(67%)
  • • C. militaris •(33%)
  • > 1.30 % cordycepin
  • > 0.50 % adenosine
  • > 0.40 % uridine
  • > 16.4 % beta-glucan
  • > 1.14 % polyphenols

**main composition: 66.6% CS4 mycelium, cultivated in liquid substrate (deep layer cultivation); 33.4 % CM fruiting body extract; both were extracted using hot water and alcohol ( USDA organic). No additives or fillers, GMOfree, nonirradiated. This product does not contain allergens.

This product was processed in compliance with the following pharmaceutical standards: ISO 9001:2008; HACCP, cGMP. Safety and specifications were validated in a FDA approved lab the results are available on request.



  • People using blood thinners and/or anti-thrombotic medication should be aware that Cordyceps C+ contains some adenosine. Adenosine has a blood-thinning effect, and the combination with this type of medication might cause unpredictable effects.
  • Do not use when on immune-suppressing medication, e.g. after an organ transplant. This extract's immune-balancing properties can act against the medication, so do not use this extract if you are using this type of medicine.
  • Better NOT mix with lactose-containing products such as milk lactose will bind to the polyphenols, rendering them useless.
  • Do not combine with anything containing caffeine. Caffeine is a vasoconstrictor and blocks the adenosine receptor in our body, thus rendering most Cordycepsspecific effect useless.
  • For people that are highly susceptible to swings in blood sugar levels (usually the same people that have problems with alcohol and caffeïne): mushroom extracts can have an effect on blood sugar levels. People using insulin (such as diabetics) might have to adjust their medication. There are reports stating that taking mushroom extracts can cause of feeling of fatigue or dizziness in these cases because blood sugar levels are too low. Taking the product together with some sugar-containing beverage (such as freshly squeezed juice also contains vitamin C might help.

General Cautions:
Since the effect on pregnant and breast-feeding women has never been researched, we recommend against using mushroom extracts in these situations.

*This product has not been evaluated by the FDA. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Do not use this product instead of regular medication.


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