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Organic Immune Complex Nutrition 60ct - 100% Vegan

$15.99 $24.95

NORDIQ Nutrition Immune Complex is a blend of fresh-freeze-dried plants such as elderberry and olive leaves that support the normal functioning of the immune defense and the microbial balance of the intestine.*

Maitake and Astragalus support immunity during stressful times.* Immune Complex is suitable for supporting an active and stressful life.* F

EATURES: -Blackberry and Olive Leaf have been praised in the Mediterranean for immune defense and intestinal microbial flora.*

-Maitake and Astragalus supports the immune system, especially during stressful periods.* -Blackberry, mahogany root and garlic have potential beneficial effects in treating infections.*  -The polyphenol-containing herbs in this product activate the hormonal feedback mechanisms.* -Suitable for vegetarians and vegans -Fully additive and filler-free. -Does not contain flavoring or sweetening agents nor sugar -Does not contain gluten, wheat, milk, soy, or yeast.

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