Ippodo Tea

Nodoka Spring Matcha - Limited Edition Spring Matcha 2021 - 20g



Nodoka, which is Japanese for “serenity,” was named after the bright, warm feeling we get once the days start getting longer in spring.

- This year's characteristics
When you sip Nodoka, the matcha's initial sharpness is soon joined by layers of sweetness and umami, and a clear, fresh fragrance fills the air. In the aftertaste, a faint astringency lingers, leaving your mouth feeling refreshed. On a rainy day indoors or a long-awaited sunny day outdoors; paired with cookies or on its own after a meal: Nodoka is the perfect matcha to fit the season.

As koicha, this matcha’s nuances are much more prominent, and you can fully appreciate its balance of umami, astringency, and fragrance. In a matcha latte, its mild astringency pairs well with the milk, producing a softer drink with more umami than our lighter blends.

This spring-themed package features flowers of the tea tree, reminiscent of the spring blossoms of Japanese plum and cherry trees. As a present, this lighthearted design will surely cheer the recipient with the brightness of spring.

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