MushUp - Immune System Boost Coffee - Vital - Reishi, Chaga, and Turkey Tail Infused Coffee


Recover and refresh Mushroom-infused coffee with reishi + chaga + turkey tail

This is the second highest selling MushUp product at Dirt Queen SF. People are in love with the high-quality coffee and the functional food benefits. 

Size: 250g MushUp’s VITAL coffee is your daily well-being in a cup—it’s packed with antioxidants and properties to detoxify your body, support your overall wellness and energy levels, and to help the functioning of your immune system. In our day and age, we all need our very own everyday shield and detox tool, and that’s exactly why MushUp created VITAL. Medium-dark-roast espresso coffee citrussy - harmonious - woody

About Mushup Coffee

MushUp is continuously one of the best selling products month over month at Dirt Queen SF. We chose MushUp over other mushroom coffee vendors because it's a whole bean coffee that was slow roasted at a low temperature to preserve the bioavailability of the mushroom extracts they infuse the coffee bean with. Their founder Maeve and her sidekick Isabelle put a TON of research, effort, and experimentation to make the best of both worlds - an incredible cup of coffee, with the benefits of medicinal mushrooms. They work exclusively with local microtorrefactors and mycologists. They ensure that the eco-responsible values ​​and the mission of MushUp are always represented through the taste and the design of this high-grade coffee. At Dirt Queen, we believe in a good cup of coffee - nothing freeze-dried. The taste of coffee is largely dictated by the oils in coffee beans which are easily lost as aerosols when the coffee is ground. We think that Maeve and Isabelle found the best of both worlds - an incredible cup of coffee with the functional benefits of medicinal mushrooms. You don't taste the mushroom - just a really good non-acidic, bold cup of coffee. 


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