Mali Mud Cloth

Mali Mud Cloth - Black with White Design


Mali Mudcloth Inc. is a Mother & Daughter company. They have been importing & authentic Mudcloths from their native country, Mali since 1999. Their textiles are made with great love & care by their family in Mali.

This is an Authentic 100% hand-spun, hand-woven, hand-dyed cotton fabric.

These mud-cloths are handmade in Mali. There are slight imperfections and print design variations.

This fabric is perfect for a throw, a blanket, a rug, as a wall tapestry, tablecloth, pillows, patches, etc.

DIMENSIONS:  60” x 42”

CARE: spot clean or dry clean only

*If you prefer to wash in a machine, we recommend cold water and Woolite detergent*

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