Ippodo Tea

Ippodo Tea Strainer (Chakoshi)


The Ippodo Tea Strainer is a high-quality item, complete with a receiving bowl. The handle of this fine stainless steel strainer and the bottom of the receiving bowl are decorated with Ippodo's seal.

A tea strainer can be used as a convenient way to sift matcha powder directly into a tea bowl, or another vessel. Use this method when preparing a few servings. Use a matcha sieve when filtering large amounts of matcha powder.

  1. Place the desired amount of matcha powder in a dry tea strainer.
  2. Filter the powder by pushing it through the mesh using a chashaku (tea ladle) or teaspoon.


Note: Clumps naturally develop in matcha powder. If you prepare matcha powder without sifting it, the matcha will have clumps remaining in it when you try to drink it, which will not be so pleasant. Matcha doesn't dissolve in hot water, so the clumps will not dissolve even if you pour hot water on them. This is why sifting matcha powder in advance makes it easier to prepare.

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