HyVIDA Brands, Inc.

Hyvida Lemon-Lime Hydrogen and Magnesium

If your customers value wellness and light crisp bubbles, then HyVIDA will be a real treat. HyVIDA is 0 calories, 0 sugars, and delivers real health benefits. Made with 3 of simple ingredients (carbonated water, magnesium and molecular hydrogen), and a dash of organic flavor, HyVIDA delivers guilt-free fun along with powerful antioxidants and minerals. Sparkling water with health benefits ZERO Calories, Sweeteners, Sugar, Caffeine Added magnesium & molecular hydrogen (H2) Certified Organic Flavors Softer bubbles, smoother finish, No acidic burn & no belly bloat GMO-free, BPA-free High pH 5.0 Recovery, Gut health, mental clarity and perkier Size: 12oz can.

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