Energize - Japanese Matcha Raw Gwell Bites


Dirt Queen loves matcha because of it's l-theanine and small amount of caffeine. L-Theanine helps keep you relaxed and calm while providing a small boost of energy. *

These are delicious snacks to take with you on the road, on your hike, or just have in your daily routine. 

Gwell's founder started with the goal of making more approachable wellness foods available for all. She selected ingredients to help with issues she faced herself, from hormonal imbalance, skin issues, to stress and restlessness. Using functional foods - she was able to find a better balance in life. 

Made with Organic Ingredients | Plant-based | Gluten Free | Soy Free | Dairy Free

Each package is 50g. Matcha strikes the balance between focus and relaxation, offering you a calming boost to get through the day enlightened. Ingredients: CASHEWS*, UNSWEETENED COCONUT FLAKES*, DATES*, SUNFLOWER SEEDS*, COCONUT BUTTER*, MATCHA*, LEMON PEEL*, LEMON EXTRACT*, ORGANIC* Shelf Life - 180 days / 6 months | Store in an airtight container in a cool, dry place.

Refrigerate or freeze to extend shelf life.

Made in United States of America

About the brand:

Dirt Queen chose to carry gwell because you get both - incredible flavor and incredible values. Not only does their company provide flavor packed snacks that are good for you - their company supports food equity. They intentionally built their business in their local neighborhood of Harlem, where food deserts are common. Since inception, they’ve partnered with local organizations to expand access to wellness education and contributed to organizations that support improving equitable access to food. Their mission as a business is to improve food equity, starting with their annual commitment for 2020 of donating 2500 meals to children in need.

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