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Diaspora - Anamalai Cacao - 8oz


SIZE 8oz (227g)


Diaspora's new cacao powder is a beautiful expression of the land it is grown on- a lush estate at the base of the Anamalai Hills in Tamil Nadu. It's so juicy and bright, with notes of raspberries, caramel, and cream. This will make all your baking very special!

Diaspora's new cacao powder is organically grown by Harish Manoj Kumar and Karthikeyan Palaniswamy on their family farm at the base of the Western Ghats. It's a minimally processed, non-alkalized cacao powder meaning that it's rich in all its naturally occurring nutrients and anti-oxidants. That super lush chocolatey mouthfeel? Hella cocoa butter, baby! Made from Anamalai Estate’s award-winning cacao beans, this is a beautiful showcase of the potential of Indian cacao. The fact that these beans are grown on a single estate means that you’re tasting a true expression of terroir i.e. the soil they were planted in, and the seasons they grew through. The cacao is intercropped with nutmeg and coconut palms, on land that was originally a eucalyptus grove, then a guava orchard, and now a diverse ecosystem where desi cows roam by day, and elephants scratch their backs on the coconut palms by night!
  • Anamalai, Tamil Nadu
  • 2020
    Harvest Year
  • Primarily Amelanado with some Criollo and Trinitario
    Heirloom seed variety
Map of India showing where our cacao is harvested (far south).

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