Dirt Queen SF

Beginners Matcha Kit


Comes with Horai Matcha by Ippodo

Dirt Queen recommends this for people new to matcha, Horai is a more light, smooth tea in the rich category.

We recommend Horai (Horai-no-mukashi) for your first taste of Ippodo matcha, as it is a smooth blend with umami and just a hint of astringency.

Try this matcha as koicha to experience the full depth and nuances of its character.

As usucha, Horai is an accessible tea to serve to beginners and connoisseurs alike at teatime.

For matcha lattes, we usually recommend a medium-to-light category matcha with more astringency, but some will choose Horai, for its bright color, umami, and soft astringency.

Pink Chawan or white chawan - Matcha Bowl.

Bamboo Spoon - to sift your matcha into the bowl 

20 prong whisk 

Optional: Strainer 

to remove clumps.




Color Bowl:

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