Cordyceps contains several unique bioactive compounds not found in noteworthy amounts in other mushrooms. Because of that, it can be considered a league of its own.

In Cordyceps C+ the emphasis is on exactly those compounds that are unique for Cordyceps; cordycepin, adenosine and several other nucleosides. Not on beta-glucan; for beta-glucan (immune support) Oriveda has developed a dedicated product, CCCE, the beta-glucan formula.

If you buy a Cordyceps supplement because it lists a high level of beta-glucans (or polysaccharides) you are not spending your money wisely. It's logical that a premium Cordyceps supplement should specify Cordyceps-specific marker compounds.

Marker compounds such as Cordycepin nucleoside, found in Cordyceps Militaris, have been the main subject of research in the past decades. The CS-4 mycelium strain, which is offered in the Oriveda C+ was found to be the strain with the most potency, largest presence of cordycepin, and highest rate of efficacy.  This strain is an important bioactive compound and a marker for the quality of the

Oriveda C+ is a combination of 66.6 % Cordyceps CS-4 mycelium extract and 33.4% Cordyceps Militaris (CM) fruiting body extract. The level of cordycepin is > 1%, making it the most potent Cordyceps extract currently on the market.