Why take Mushroom Supplements?

Mushrooms are not magic cures, but they are functional foods with the potential to cover a wide spectrum of benefits. They can cover a wide spectrum of benefits by helping:

Support your body’s immune system*

Help ease stress and fatigue*

Support cognitive function*

Support digestion and absorption of nutrients*

Will they make me high?

No, they will not make you high, they're still magical though :)

Which mushroom should I take?

There’s a lot of information out there - below is the shorthand, but do your own research and have fun with it!

Short and quick mushroom shorthand:

Species: Lions Mane

Benefits: Cognitive Function, Memory, Focus, Mood Boost, Nerve Health*

(FYI - Lions Mane is our favorite Mushroom. Read our blog about Lions Mane Here. )

Species: Reishi

Benefits: Adaptogen Stress Balance, Immune Support*

Species: Cordyceps

Benefits: Energy, Power, Endurance*

Species: Chaga

Benefits: Antioxidants, Anti-Aging*

Species: Maitake

Benefits: Weight Management, Blood Sugar Support*

Species: Turkey Tail

Benefits: Immune Defense Power*

Mushroom Blends: There’s a lot of research showcasing mushrooms unique synergistic effects when taken together - they get a lot more done when taken together than apart.

If you see a blend that sticks out to you - go for it.

Loose powders, liquids, or capsules?

Liquid Tinctures: We don’t currently stock mushroom tinctures but we think they’re a fun way to connect with mushrooms. We may carry them at some point in the future; however, generally speaking, the price you pay for the amount you get doesn’t make sense compared to what you can get in a powder or pill form. In some tinctures, the dosage ends up being so insignificant it’s debatable if you’re getting the benefits you’re after. 

Powders: If you’re debating on a powder or capsule supplement, a lot of it will come down to preference on taste and your routine. A lot of people who take mushroom supplements put the powders in their morning beverage or breakfast. If you’re worried about the taste or decide you dislike it, take a capsule supplement. 

ORiVEDA only has one loose powder supplement, which is Chaga. ORiVEDA believes powder supplements aside from Chaga are potentially not stable enough to maintain their strength and quality over time.

Capsules: ORiVEDA swears by them, OM loves them too, and if you’re okay with taking capsules they’re an easy way to get the benefits of mushrooms.