One word comes to our mind when we think of Chaga, Rugged. It grows in habitats known for their harsh winters - think Siberian forest. We sell Chaga because we believe in its immune support abilities!* Life is tough, and it’s good to have a rugged friend on your side.

What people are saying about Chaga:

  • Immune System Support*
  • Anti-Inflammatory Improves Fatigue and Memory*
  • Digestive Track Support* Supports Healthy Blood Sugar*
  • Provides Liver Support*
  • Reduces Inflammation*

Chaga has been used by indigenous peoples in Russia since the 16th century.1  The word Chaga derives from Russian čága, borrowed from Komi (Finno-Ugric language of northeast European Russia) čaga, čaka "fungus growing on a tree (as a pore fungus), tinder. 2

Cool Studies to check out on Chaga:

Immune System Support

Memory and Cognitive Function




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