Quality Products for Queens, Beings, and Everyone In Between.

Welcome to Dirt Queen.

I’m excited you’re here! My name’s Desiree, the founder of Dirt Queen.

In general, Dirt Queen was founded on a few core beliefs:

1. Vitamins should come from your food first and foremost. If your food sucks, your wallet shouldn’t determine your nutrition. Our liquid vitamins and letter vitamins will always remain as affordable as we can make them.

I was lucky enough to have a mom who really valued health foods and the wonders of homeopathic medicines. She always taught me that I should get my nutrition from my food first and foremost and if I need a multi-vitamin supplement, it should be whole food-based and be bioavailable. When COVID struck, and every media outlet started talking about immune systems, I was reminded of that core belief; it’s how I started working with consultants and getting contracts with some of the best manufacturers and suppliers to create our liquid vitamin supplement series, Daily Woo.

2. We’re big believers in mushroom supplements.

We curate some of the best and highest quality mushroom supplements. I was 23-24 ( this was 2012-2013) and under chronic stress from working, going to school full time and my moms declining health. My memory was shot, this is very common for people undergoing large amounts of stress and grief. I went on a quest for some Ginko and instead came back with a bottle of Paul Stamets Host Defense Lions Mane. It was suggested to me by the gentleman working near the vitamin section in Whole Foods. It was a game-changer, after a couple of weeks I remembered where I placed my keys with ease, I was forgetting my wallet less, and in general, it helped greatly with my memory. 

Lions Mane greatly impacted my life but you can read case studies from all over about the benefits of Reishi, Cordyceps, Turkey Tail, ABM, and more - the benefits of medicinal mushrooms are bountiful. I look to clinical studies for information about the health benefits of mushrooms. I suggest any customer do the same! 

3. We think a lot of people can benefit from superfoods, adaptogens, and herbs. We aim to support high-vibe independent superfood artisans whenever possible on our platform. 

There are so many incredible artisans creating safe, innovative, and fun ways to integrate them into your life. We are choosey about who's products we pull in. We also pull in products from select supplement companies that aren't quite as small as some of our artisans but they are the best at what they do and provide great values to our customers. 

4. We support all parts of your journey. 

I’ve been the "outdoorsy type" for my entire life, I was raised in a household that valued being outside, but before I started Dirt Queen, my life was consumed by spreadsheets and tech. culture. I understand the "indoorsy" type too, haha.  Adaptogens are a great way to support yourself and recover from the long hours you put into life's various journeys. No matter if you’re athletic, grinding out that proposal, or working day and night on a startup idea - you can get a lot out of our products.

5. We think creating a sanctuary and ritual can do some good. 

I get asked often "why the blankets" and "why the mugs?" What do they have to do with my health? Well, there are lots of reasons. We think having something simple that brings you some joy - like a blanket, a mug, a matcha bowl, etc. can help create a sanctuary in your home. Something like a blanket that feels good while you touch it can do wonders as a small simple joy.

If ritual is everything when it comes to getting the benefits of teas/adaptogens/supplements, why not do it with something you love, like your favorite mug or matcha bowl? Something that gets you excited about your morning ritual.

You can use our blankets and mugs on your adventures too - and we hope you do!  All of our products are ethically sourced and handmade.

We're excited to work with you! If you ever need anything or have questions - email me: desiree@dirtqueensf.com