Adaptogems™ for Balanced Brains - Kindroot


Dirt Queen has been watching Kindroot for a while and is beyond excited to now be offering Kindroot Adaptogems! Never feel stuck without your adaptogens again - Kindroot offers a fun and easy way to take your adaptogens wherever life may take you. 

So many mouthfeelings™ clarity + calmness blend flavor: mang'orange white tea (20 lozenges) schisandra promotes mental alertness‡. lemon balm extract helps boost cognition‡. mango orange and white tea flavors energize‡. how: unwrap 1 adaptogem™ as needed. enjoy and go get'em. active ingredients: organic schisandra berry extract, organic lemon balm extract. other ingredients: organic rice syrup, malic acid, natural flavors. adaptogems™ = smooth little lozenges that blend adaptogens and other actives with delicious aromatic flavors.

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