We're launching our new Podcast!

Be on the lookout - our new podcast is dropping next week. We got an opportunity to chat with Sajani Amarisiri - the founder of Kola Goodies (one of the favorite local brands we carry.) 

We first met Sajani back in November and her products have quickly become some of our best sellers. We received a request for Gotu Kola from a client and soon we started chatting with Sajani about Kola Goodies - it turns out she was our neighbor right here in San Francisco!

Gotu Kola is one of the main leafy greens in Sri Lanka where Sajani is from. Taking Gotu Kola daily is used to help with skin, hair growth, and more. It's even used as a topical product in a ton of beauty products (you may see it listed as it's botanical name Centella Asiatica.) 

The studies done on Gotu Kola suggest it may help with skin, cognitive help, anxiety, and so much more.*  This studies compiled by NCBI can be found here.  It's been used in traditional Chinese Medicine, and Ayurvedic medicines for thousands of years. 

I personally take their Green Latte Blend every-day and can't say enough good things! It is so nourishing with Moringa, Gotu Kola, Curry, Garlic, Ceylon Cinnamon, and more! It's a savory latte - so way different than your normal latte - but extremely nourishing to start your mornings.