Top 20 of 2020 and our clearance event!

Top 20 of 2020

As this year wraps up, we wanted to chat about our top 20 products of 2020 - Thank you so much to everyone who has supported us this year! We did our official launch in July - we are beyond grateful for every single customer that has ordered from us or purchased from us at a Pop-Up. We have so much gratitude and can't wait for 2020 to be over and what 2021 will bring in! 

We have a huge clearance event going on here. We're clearing out some inventory to make space for 2021.

#1. Pan's Mushroom Jerky

Pan's had a bit of a helping hand by being showcased on Shark Tank at the end of November. The nation caught Mushroom Jerky Fever! Pan's received over 35k orders in one night - the rest started coming through to small retailers. We sold roughly 150 pieces of mushroom jerky - which may not sound like a lot, but selling this amount was huge for us. Pan's was one of the first products we sourced at Dirt Queen because we're huge mushroom people and wanted to source more vegan products. It's an amazing product for our vegan clients and anyone looking for a good snack. They are based out of Portland and put a lot of love into what they do.

#2. MushUp - Spark

We love MushUp. It's a good cup of coffee, and you get the medicinal mushroom benefits. Spark has Reishi, which helps keep you calm* and Lions Mane, which helps give you a cognitive boost when taken in small amounts over time.* The key to any medicinal mushroom benefit is consistency - so if you're a coffee drinker - MushUp is a great way to start your day. 

#3. Mushup-Vital

Vital has Turkey Tail, Chaga, and Reishi medicinal mushrooms. As mentioned before about Mushup Spark, Reishi help keeps you calm - Turkey Tail and Chaga help support your immune system.* Chaga is also a powerful antioxidant.* Consistency is key!

#4. The Mushroom Tarot

This was an AMAZING tarot deck - be on the lookout for the full color edition coming to our store SOON. We have are on the list. We sold through the last of our first edition in November. We love Corvidopolis and all of his art! 

#5. Fungirl Cacao bar

A California native and relatively new to our lineup - these bars became extremely popular over Christmas! Which makes sense; what a better way to get Lions Mane into your routine than starting the day with some chocolate? Isabel, (Fungirl founder) has done an AMAZING job creating a GOOD piece of chocolate to get Lions Mane into your routine. 

#6. Elements Truffles Ashwagandha infused Drinking Cacao

Ashwagandha - this is one of our favorite adaptogens.  This extremely popular adaptogen is infused in a drinking cacao - this is an excellent and easy way to take your Ashwagandha, whether it's before bed or in the morning. Ashwagandha is getting more and more attention for its help with insomnia.* Personally, Ashwagandha is great for helping me go to sleep, and I love it because I don't feel groggy in the morning. The key to all adaptogens is their ability to return your body to homeostasis after being subjected to prolonged stress - aka normalizing. 

#7. Pumpkin Spice Creamed Honey - Backroad Beekeeping

Backroad Beekeeping is a sweet family-owned company out of Sacramento; fourth Generation Beekeepers with over 8000 bees. They create their creamed honey by controlling the crystalization process - small crystals = creamy honey, which is easy to spread on toast, easy to get out of the jar, and tastes lovely. We love that it has no added dairy or fats - all of the flavors just use added spices; it's simple and delicious. 

I brought this in during the fall to satisfy some Pumpkin Spice lovers, and it ended up becoming more popular than expected!

#8. Aura Bora Sparkling Water 

We love Aura Bora - they are one of our local favorites! They have stepped up the sparkling water game and also have one of our favorite social media accounts to follow. Definitely check them out on Instagram if you haven't. They quickly became one of our best sellers at pop-ups over the summer and hot fall. It makes sense with flavors like: Cactus Rose, Lavender Cucumber, Peppermint Watermelon, and more! We have slowed down getting this in stock over the winter until we get better ways to ship sparkling water. If you're interested in purchasing some, though  - please let us know!

#9. Mugs/Pour Overs by Nanette Hickmott

We had these specially made for our store for the holidays, and I am happy to say we have sold out except for two wolf mugs and the white ceramic pour-overs, which I'm sure will find their homes soon! (I didn't realize we didn't have the white pour-overs up on our site, WHOOPS!) These mugs and pour-overs were our first custom items made for our store; we can't wait to work with more artists and Nanette in the future! 

#10. Baja Turquoise Sunset Blanket

We love a good high-vibe blanket! This blanket by West Path is a crowd favorite! The vibrant colors just make you feel good - it's great as a yoga mat blanket for the beach, your car, around the house, and more! 

#11. Beginners Matcha Kit

These unexpectedly became very popular over Christmas - they even made some corporate gifts. We only have a few of the black ones left in stock; we're getting more Chawans (matcha bowls) in soon. Each kit contains a whisk, matcha bowl, Ippodo Horai Matcha, Whisk Stand, and Matcha Spoon. (Don't forget to check out our year of the Ox special edition matcha by Ippodo!) 

#12. Supershroom immune support

We love local makers, we love adaptogen supplements, and we love women-owned businesses. You get all three with Goldmine! We were so excited when this Supershroom Immune Support came out - not only does it have medicinal mushrooms to support your immune system, it has some powerful herbs, too, like Astragulus. 

#13. Night Time Woo

If you're looking for a great sleep-aid or something to recover from jet lag - look no further than our Melatonin supplement. It's paired with L-Theanine to calm you down (I will never shut up about L-Theanine - it's also one of the great amino acids found in Matcha), Tart Cherry, and more - everyone who's tried this has been enamored with the results. 

#14. ORiVEDA Lions Mane

ORiVEDA Lions Mane is hands down the best Lions Mane supplement we carry. (OM is good too, though!) ORiVEDA aims to make mushroom supplements like they use in clinical trials. You can read more about the benefits of Lions Mane in our blog here. 

#15. Goldmine Adaptogen Powder - Stress Management

Goldmine's original adaptogen blend - a tried and true favorite by so many! With Ashwagandha, Reishi, Chaga, Astragulus, and more! An excellent way to help your body recover from stress.*

#16. A blanket toss-up - Yellow Thunderbird Blanket, Purple Aztec Blanket, White Aztec Blanket

This yellow blanket has the BEST vibes. Three beautiful favorites - excellent for your adventures on the road or at home :)

#17. Day After the Disco 5HTP

We have a great 5HTP supplement and are working on the best way to donate a portion of the proceeds to MAPS. Read more about 5HTP on our blog here. 

#18. California Sage wrapped with Rose Petals

The sage we get is dried and wrapped with care. It is sustainably harvested from a small sage farm out of Southern California. 

#19. Rock Grace

It's a beautiful wine alternative and great for your spa days! It's also an amazing gift and has a great taste, similar to a light rose water. We love the Schisandra berry in it for winding down after a long day!

#20. Gotu Kola - Kola Goodies

This is one of our newest vendors, but hands down one of our favorite local brands! Sajani (founder) Started Kola Goodies in 2020! Sajani is originally from Sri Lanka, where Gotu Kola is one of the primary geens found in their dishes. Kola Goodies also makes a savory green latte blend which is quickly rising in popularity among Dirt Queen customers. The Green Latte is a personal favorite! There are no doubts Kola Goodies will be high on our list in 2021 - we currently carry their Gotu Kola, Green Latte Blend, and Ashwa-wow Ashwagandha. The skin benefits from Gotu Kola are incredible! We've had nothing but positive feedback.