Podcast Episode #1 - Interview with Sajani Amarasiri Founder of Kola Goodies - Learn all about Gotu Kola

This was an amazing first episode with Sajani Amarasiri of Kola Goodies - You can download or listen to the entire episode here or you can watch the youtube video.

If you're interested in a supplement to boost collagen, help with general brain function, or more - you'll want to watch this interview we had with Kola Goodies. Their Founder and CEO Sajani Amarasiri goes in-depth about her Sri Lankan Heritage and what inspired her to bring their classic beverage Kola Kanda here to the US. Kola Kanda traditionally has Gotu Kola, Moringa and other spices in it. It's an amazing beverage for anyone who's interested in trying Gotu Kola and we also carry their regular Gotu Kola powder called Gotu Power Move. We also carry their Ashwagandha and Moringa - "ashwa-wow and Mo-Moringa."