We’re a few days late here, but we have been busy, busy busy! Stay tuned for an extremely special announcement regarding some really exciting new partnerships we are preparing for. We have signed on to sell some of the best matcha in the world, and we can't say enough good things! We’re going to be doing a big launch soon! Our site will be down starting at 3-4PM but hopefully is only down for a couple of hours. 

Also - our rewards program is currently down due to a system glitch. Unfortunately, it's out of our control. The folks at Smile (the app we use) are working on it, and are supposed to send us an update when it's fixed. Any purchases made while this is happening will have the points backdated. Sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. 

We have been having a great time at Head West Marketplace - Please enjoy this picture of one of our special visitors Doodie. He came to our booth in San Francisco, this is him preparing a Golden Milk latte :) 

Where to catch us Next:

Catch us on November 8th at Head West Market in San Francisco at the Ferry Building! We're trying to schedule one in-between, so this may change!


1. Aura Bora

People love Aura Bora! Especially at our pop-ups. While the rest of the country is going into Fall - the bay area has been SO hot. Aura Bora has been flying off our shelves at pop-ups. 

Aura Bora Cans

2. MushUp Spark (Followed by MushUp Vital)

We thought for sure people would be buying more MushUp Vitality because of the “cooler weather” (it still hasn’t come to the bay area yet) and flu season. Spark has been a best seller though. (It beat out Vital by 3 cans, haha) It’s such a nice way to get some lions mane and you can't beat some Reishi in your coffee. Also! Make sure to check out our new bigger bags. Better for the environment, and on your wallet.

One reason we carry MushUp compared to other mushroom coffees is because it uses a whole bean. We’re big believers in a good cup of coffee. The oils within the coffee bean remain more intact before the coffee is ground and exposed to more air. Meaning the coffee you get with MushUp will be more aromatic, flavorful, and generally taste better. Their roasting process also makes it less acidic. 

MushUp Spark

3. Sage

New-season means a new you! What better way to do it right than to cleanse your home. We have multiple types of bundles and even some wrapped with some rose petals to help some spread love. 

4. B12 Drops 

Our pure liquid vitamin B-12 drops are made from aloe vera juice in a large 2500mcg  dose to maximize your body’s natural energy. 

We’ve been selling more and more of these and are excited it’s catching on! We’ve also been selling more and more of our own Melatonin drops for sleep. They’ll be up on the site soon. 

5. Goldmine Adaptogen Blend and their SuperShroom Immune Support

We’re big fans of Goldmine! They’re a San Francisco woman-owned business. Their adaptogen blend for stress is excellent. We’re also super excited to sell their new SuperShroom Immune Support blend which was released last month - featuring Astragulus (an incredible herb for immune support*,) Reishi, Maitake, and Turkey Tail. All excellent mushrooms for helping support healthy immune systems.*

Goldmine Supershroom Immunity Support

6. Corvidopolis Mushroom Tarot

We started to get an uptick in these in September and have been selling them consistently in October! We’re almost out. This is such a fun deck, and we are so excited for the full-color version to release. Our clients have loved it! We should be getting more in this upcoming week. 

Corvidopolis Mushroom Tarot Cards


7. Leather Yoga Mat/Blanket Straps

Originally we were getting these from our vendor West Path - they became severely back-ordered though, so we took it upon ourselves to start making our own! They are so much fun for your park blanket, carrying your yoga mat, yoga blanket, you name it. You can see Skipper modeling it at our booth over the weekend. We are making more and will have some detailed pictures and have them up on our site soon!

Yoga Mat Strap Yoga Blanket Strap

8. Backroad Beekeeping - Pumpkin Spiced Honey

Fall is upon us which means Pumpkin Spice Everything for a LOT of people. We have been selling a TON of this Creamed Pumpkin Spice Honey. We recently learned that this is considered creamed honey because Backroad Beekeeping controls the crystallization process of the honey to use smaller crystals - which in turn makes it easy to spread. What that means is no added creams, butter, etc! Just honey and some spices :) 

People have been liking it so much we pulled in some more of their signature honeys for the fall - you can check them all out here. 

 Pumpkin Spice Honey


  1. FunGirl - Cacao/Lions Mane Chocolate Bar - shop here
  2. Ecuadane - shop here
  3. West Path Blankets - we have the tan aztec, skyblue aztec, autumn super falsa, black aztec, black charcoal baja fish, and more new in stock - Check out our collection here
  4. Backroad Beekeeping - Fall Signature Honeys. Shop here
  5. Acacia Creations - incredible handmade tea spoons and coffee scoops - Shop Here



More Pop-Ups! Catch us in person.

Bundles for the holidays! We have currently commissioned a local ceramic artist to get us some handmade mugs and pour-overs. We are getting pumped up!

Stay tuned for our Halloween Sale and Clearance Event

We’re getting a TON in for the holidays. Get ready!