October Highlights and Updates

Hey, Y'all!

We hope you are enjoying your first weeks of Autumn. We had such a blast at our pop up in Alameda last month. We are SO excited to be here in our very own city of San Francisco this weekend at the Ferry Building! We are so grateful for Head West Market Place they do such an amazing job and provide such great opportunities for artisans, makers, and small merchants. We were supposed to go back to Sebastapol on the 3rd but unfortunately, the fires had it cancelled. We put in our application to be back at Head West in Sebastapol in November - so we hope to be back in Sebastapol soon!

Reminder: We started our rewards program - Journey Points! You get rewards for purchases, donations, following us on social media, and more! It's an easy way to get store credit towards your next purchase. If you're an existing customer and made any purchases with us in the past - I highly recommend you create an account, we will backdate your points to reflect your purchases. You can do so easily by clicking here, or while you're browsing our site, look for the mountain icon in the lower right corner.

If you follow us on Instagram. We had a give away - congrats @msgchan - Shoutout to our vendor OM for providing some incredible products to give away! It included one of our very own Morning Magic Mugs. 

Product Highlights/Collections to check out in October:

It's October - which means fall is in full effect, everything spooky for halloween AND candy!

Check out our collection of some FUN products for October celebrating fun, magic, witchiness and mushrooms - in no particular order:

  1. Corvidopolis

We have been obsessed with Chris Adams Art, Corvidopolis, since we discovered his Mushroom Tarot cards when we first opened. 

They are so much fun - he just released a new full color deck we are hoping to carry soon. 

We also carry a few of his shirts that we REALLY love - they are based off the tarot series. 



  1. Our very own Morning Magic Mug

We’re tooting our own horn a little bit, but we really love our morning magic mug because let’s face it, our morning would be nothing without the magic in our cup.


  1. Midge Blitz

She makes some really amazing pins that we just absolutely love, that celebrate witchiness, mushrooms, being gay, and more <3 We love her and can’t get enough of it!

midge blitz mushroom earingsmidge blitz mushroom pin

  1. Sage

We have 4” smudge duos of California Sage, 4” smudge kits with Pali Santo, 4” bundles with California sage with dried rose petals, and 6” bundles of California Sage. Stay SAFE. Always have water around when burning sage. (If you ever get bored you can message us about a story of wanting to bring in some “good vibes” and accidentally lighting a couch pillow on fire 😝. Good vibes were brought on by the laughter afterwards.) We wrote about it in a previous post but this study says sage may kill bacteria in the air. If anything, we think Sage is really good for setting intentions - sometimes doing a ritual to mark an end or beginning can help shift gears.

  1. Smart Sweets

Smart sweets is a great way to get in your candy fix without all of the added Sugar. We wouldn’t call them healthy but they are WAY more innocent than a lot of what you’ll find on the shelves. They taste great, and have added fiber to help absorb the minimal amount of sugar they contain. They boast being free from sugar alcohols, artificial sweeteners, and added sugar. They are plant based, contain no artificial food coloring or sweeteners. They are “smartly” sweetened with monk fruit, stevia, and allulose. 

  1. Backroad Beekeeping - Pumpkin Spice Creamed Honey

 October is pumpkin season, and we have Pumpkin Spice Creamed Honey - we recently learned from Backroad Beekeeping that creamed honey means it has a very fine crystal structure they control: 

Creamed honey is essentially honey that has been crystallized very finely. It’s the same as leaving your honey in the cabinet and it going solid (crystallizing), except we control the crystal structure so it’s very fine instead of crunchy!”

We have an assortment of their Signature fall honeys because they are so amazing - find them here. (even a golden milk one!!)

And speaking of fall beverages

We have everything to make the best fall potions - err beverages, we posted about it on Instagram but we made a fun fall beverage with some Matcha, it had a TSP of backroad beekeeping pumpkin spice honey, a serving of Goldmine Mushroom Immune Support (which has ginger, which helped bring some spice and added flavor!) - so delicious and fun! Matcha is one of our favorite coffee alternatives. L-Theanine is GREAT for calming the nerves. 

I hope you have a great week!