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Hyvida Sparkling Water

We sold out of Hyvida Lime and Raspberry. We love Hyvida because it’s an easy way to get some magnesium which is SO important if you’re exerting yourself. You can read more about the benefits of Magnesium here where we talk about our Magnesium Products. https://dirtqueensf.com/blogs/news/august-highlights-and-updates

Day After the Disco 5HTP 

We released our Day After the Disco 5HTP last month! Read more about Day After the Disco and the benefits of 5HTP on our last blog post here.


MushUp is a woman-owned and operated company out of Canada, we chose MushUp because of the unique way they infuse adaptogenic mushrooms into their coffee beans. The taste is incredible and the results are speaking for themselves, our customers love MushUp!! 

Ordered by Favorite

  1. MushUp Spark
  2. MushUp Vigor
  3. MushUp Immune 

Rock Grace

Rock Grace is one of our favorite woman-owned adaptogen companies. This beautiful non-alcoholic beverage has zero calories, no sugar, no sweeteners, no sulfites, and it has some adaptogens for stress! It has a light flavor of raspberry and rose. We love it on hot days - and it makes a perfect gift for friends. 

ORiVEDA Lion’s Mane

ORiVEDA was one of the first companies we signed up to do wholesale business with at Dirt Queen. We have been following them for the past couple of years because of the dedication they put into the science behind their mushroom supplements. 

Tannor’s Tea - Matcha with Chloryphil 

Tannor's Tea began when their founder, Samantha, took a trip to Japan and discovered her love for matcha. Upon returning to the US , she started making matcha every morning for herself before work. She became tired of the constant whisking of the matcha and tried creating different matcha liquid concentrates with ceremonial grade matcha from Japan. Tannor's Tea delivers convenience without sacrificing the high quality matcha that consumers love. Their concentrate is used as the base for matcha lattes that customers can make in the comfort of their own homes.


  1. Goldmine - Supershroom Immunity Blend - shop here
  2. Mali Mudcloth - shop here
  3. West Path Blankets - we have the white aztec, purple aztec, sand and stone, dark blue aztec, retro grey, and more new in stock - Check out our collection here
  4. Sage - bring in the fall - out with the old and in with the new good vibes. Shop here
  5. Corvidopolis new designs - shop here
  6. Mulling Spices - Shop Here
  7. A couple of hats for your fall adventures - shop here
  8. Midge Blitzi - Fun Witchy Goods by one of our favorite artists - shop here
  9. Our New Morning Magic Mugs here and here 


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A new C complex arriving this October

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