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MushUp is a woman-owned and operated company out of Canada, we chose MushUp because of the unique way they infuse adaptogenic mushrooms into their coffee beans. The taste is incredible and the results are speaking for themselves, our customers love MushUp!! 

Ordered by Favorite

  1. MushUp Spark
  2. MushUp Vigor
  3. MushUp Immune (we've been selling way more Immune now that we're closer to fall)

We stole this photo off their Instagram but MushUp will make an incredible cold brew - we're excited to try making it this week! Directions copied below. Shop MushUp here.

☕ VIGOR or SPARK coffee with filter ground coffee⁠⠀
- Put 100g of coffee in a large mason jar⁠⠀
- Add 1L of water (preferably filtered)⁠⠀
- Mix & brew at room temperature in the shade for a maximum of 12 hours⁠⠀
- Filter the coffee⁠⠀
- Shake with ice, oat milk & a touch of honey ⁠⠀
A real treat! 


Mushup Cold Brew Coffee

  • ORiVEDA Lion’s Mane - shop here 
  • ORiVEDA was one of the first companies we signed up to do wholesale business with at Dirt Queen. We have been following them for the past couple of years because of the dedication they put into the science behind their mushroom supplements. 

  • Pan’s Mushroom Jerky - shop here
  • Pan’s Mushroom Jerky is one of our all-time favorites. We’re partial to the Salt and Pepper, but all of them are amazing. The #1 seller last month was the Applewood BBQ. It’s great for a snack, or to mix into something like a salad. Here’s a picture we made of one this week - it's not as Instagram worthy as we would have liked but still delicious - we used some seaweed, Salt and Pepper Mushroom Jerky, and some Moringa by Sun Potion

  • Peak and Valley - shop here
  • Everyone is obsessed with the Peak and Valley Adaptogen Blends. Peak and Valley is a woman-owned business out of Washington with three unique formulas (in no particular order)

    1. Nourish your brain - features an extremely well thought out adaptogenic blend of Maca, Ashwaghanda, snow mushroom, and lions mane.  
    2. Nurture your Skin - (a personal favorite) 
    3. Balance my Stress - features a calming blend of Reishi Mushroom Extract, Eleuthero Root, Ashwagandha, and Cocoa. 


    1. Day After the Disco ™  5-HTP - read our blog about this here. Our newest supplement by Dirt Queen SF - we are so excited about!
    2. Dirt Bag Beaty - Clean Slate here and Purify here 
    3. Ashwaghanda Drinking Chocolate by Element Truffles - shop them here.
    4. West Path Yoga Blankets - these are a little different than the blankets we’ve been talking about - these are made in Portugal, and Yoga Mat Sized. Shop here and here.
    5. West Path Blanket/Mat Holders/carrying straps - here.
    6. Yoga Mats - We have EcoStrength Cork yoga mat in here and Guru yoga mat in here.
    7. The Amazing Tea Company Blue Matcha Butterfly Pea Powder - view here.
    8. Yuni Beauty Muscle Gel, My OM World, shop our YUNI products here. (we were also restocked on some of their shampoo/conditioner)


    We get replenished on Peak and Valley Nourish blend around August 23rd/24th

    We have more OM Mushroom Master arriving this upcoming Monday/Tuesday - Look out for a give away coming up.

    We received a notification from GOLDE that our inventory will be arriving at the end of the month. 

    We will have a new B Complex arriving this upcoming week. 

    We have a new C complex arriving this September.

    We have an herbal vitamin C powder going up on the site next week by Roots to Remedies. 

    Halloween! We are all about potions. We have some cool product highlights coming up to celebrate!

    We hate to even write this out but we’re already thinking about the holidays - keep an eye out for some delicious warm drinks for the fall. 


    We lowered the price on all of the OM products to keep up with what was happening on Amazon and the rest of the Market Place. 

    Shipping - $3.90 on orders between 0-$35, $4.90 on orders up to $45, shipping is free above $45


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