Introducing Cofo Provisions - and all about Collagen!

We are proud to start carrying Cofo Provisions Collagen!

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Cofo Provisions is a great woman-owned business out of Colorado specializing in sustainably sourced collagen. What we love about their products:

  • Pure hydrolyzed marine collagen peptides with no fillers added
  • Processed in a Marine Stewardship Council Approved Facility
  • Highly soluble: dissolves easily into both hot and cold beverages
  • Highly Bioavailable
  • Tested for heavy metals such as, lead, cadmium, chromium, arsenic
  • Keto and paleo-friendly

Collagen is great at helping with skin hydration, and joint pain* (Link to studies here and here.) We naturally produce less collagen as we age. We have tried it and it is 100% taste free and is great in any hot beverage. (We haven't tried cold yet.)

At Dirt Queen we source products that carry great values. We also say no to a lot of products we don't believe in.

We believe in bioavailability which is huge when taking any sort of supplement. Bioavailability means that your body knows how to process the supplement - so you get the effects you're looking for. This is one reason we were super excited to take on Cofo Provisions - their collagen is highly bioavailable because of what they make their collagen with.

You can get even more out of any collagen supplement by taking it with some Vitamin C or a fruit/vegetable that is high in Vitamin C. According to this study, Vitamin C can enhance the effects of your collagen supplement.

We have chatted a fair amount with Celestia Howe - Cofo Provisions Founder. We are big on sourcing products that have founders that are willing to put their face in front of the products. This is huge when it comes to safety. People who are willing to put their face in front of their products are willing to put their name on the line. We always look for this, Good Manufacturing Practice certifications, testing for heavy metals - and more!

(Also - Celestia has a very relatable story, "When working long hours at a tech company, competing in mountain bike races, and taking care of her daughter, Celestia quickly became physically tired. Bars and gels didn't work since she has Celiac disease and she didn't want to load up on lots of sugar. She realized she needed a new kind of easy-to-take nutrient-dense protein to keep her feeling strong and energized. She started Cofo with a commitment to clean, environmentally-conscious collagen that helps others stay active and feel good inside.")

Vegan Products that Help with Collagen Production

We'll be introducing a new vegan collagen supplement brand soon but here are two herbs that we think do a great job helping with collagen production and general inflammation.* If you haven't listened to our podcast with Kola Goodies Founder, Sajani - now is a great time to check that out!

One of our favorite supplements for Collagen production is Gotu Kola.* We get our Gotu Kola from Kola Goodies. Gotu Kola is commonly used in beauty products by it's scientific name: Centella Asiatica Studies have shown it's not only great for your skin and helping modulate collagen production - but also great for your brain, potentially reducing anxiety, helping with general cognition and more.* You can read the studies here and here.

Eucommia Bark is another great herb that can be used to help with joint pain and joint elasticity. (Study here.) We get our Eucommia Bark from Sun Potion. Sun Potion is dedicated to sustainable and safe sourcing from only organic farms.

**As always - check with your doctor, pharmacist, or medical practitioner if you have concerns about interactions with medications or have an underlying medical condition