Giving Tuesday November 302021

Hi Friends! Desiree here, this weekend marks one of the BIGGEST weekends in retail. Will we be having a sale this weekend? Yes! And, we'll be releasing our Holiday Guide. However, we'd also like to bring some awareness to Giving Tuesday - one week away - November 30, 2021 - because this is one of my favorite days as a small biz owner. I’m pretty open about my personal story because we’re a wellness store; and, I’ve had to learn a lot about wellness and self care.

What’s the Dinner Party? The Dinner Party is a non-profit that helps connect 20- and 30- somethings going through grief. Every holiday season - I’m reminded of my first Dinner Party group, and learning the phrase "it's ok to not be ok." In 2017 I went into my first holiday season after all of my nuclear family passed. One of my favorite things I learned from The Dinner Party was just because we go through hardships - we’re still fully capable of joy :) It was rough and self-care was vital. I know self-care has become two of the most overused words in 2020/2021 (Should we rename it lol?) but as we continue to enter our new normal - I hope we all remember it’s place in our lives :) I hope we stay curious and continue to support each other through the hard stuff. I attribute so much of my personal growth and healing to The Dinner Party. It was powerful to just sit and be real with others who had lost people they love. There are many 20-30 somethings who lost family members and friends to COVID, myself included, this is my small way of expressing gratitude to this org who has done so much for this community. <3


I have a lot to say about grief - it’s a weird process. My healing process was a lot of rediscovering the magic in the world - happiness over sunsets, the small things, getting outside, learning about the planet, staying curious - I hope our selection of products helps strikes joy and inspires curiosity about the world around you :)