August Highlights and Updates

Greetings! We had a successful launch. Thank you so much for everyone who has supported Dirt Queen SF! It means everything; we’re excited to bring you all sorts of new products we love. We're having a small sale - buy five, get ten - buy five products and get 10% off. It's automatically added at checkout - we'll be running this through the end of August.

We've added a New Arrival section so you can check out products as we get them in. 

We're expecting our 5HTP supplement and B Vitamin Supplement to arrive early next week. 

Product Highlights to check out in August:

It's August - It's hot! (Unless you're in San Francisco) There isn't a better time to show off some of your outdoor enthusiasm; it’s one of the only things we can do safely in the crazy times of COVID. Below is a collection of products we think go great with any outdoor adventure.


  1. Campfare

We’re super excited to carry this local company - Campfare, right out of San Francisco. They offer a new fresh alternative to your standard MRE when you’re on your outdoor adventures. It comes fully cooked - you just heat the package for 3-5 minutes. We have two (2) types in stock - their incredible Salmon filets and their Quinoa/Pink Bean mix.

We're anxiously awaiting their Chicken Tikka Masala shipping in October!

Pro Tip: the Quinoa and Salmon go really nicely together - it’s pretty much a gourmet meal. 

2.  Aura Bora and Seasons Sparkling Water:

Whether you’re looking to try something new or need a new mixer, we have you covered!

If you haven’t checked out Aura Bora - you’re missing out. They’re a local company out of San Francisco with five incredible flavors:

  • Lavender Cucumber (a personal favorite)
  • Peppermint Watermelon
  • Cactus Rose (a personal favorite)
  • Coconut Lemon (FYI, this is one of the best coconut sparkling waters we’ve ever tasted.)
  • Basil Berry

Aura Bora Collection

Seasons Sparkling is another fantastic sparkling water company. They're based out of Chicago. Their sparkling botanical waters are made with organic superfoods, fragrant bitters, and delicate botanicals sourced from trusted farmers and suppliers. Featuring:

  • Ginger Matcha
  • Elderberry Lemon (a personal favorite)
  • Grapefruit Rose
  • Rooibos Lemon (so good!)

    3. Magnesium, Magnesium, Magnesium - Hyvida, Nordiq Nutrition, and Natural Vitality 

    It’s summer - you’re hopefully getting some outside time and physical activity - how are you recovering? A lot of attention is brought to vitamin deficiencies, but studies show mineral deficiencies are frequently more prevalent. 

    Studies show magnesium can be a great tool to enhance your physical performance Or a great tool to assist with muscle recovery and help process lactic acid buildup. Some people take a magnesium supplement before or after workouts to get extra help with muscle recovery or extra endurance. 

    Magnesium is commonly found in a lot of seeds and leafy greens. We always promote food first. Some common foods with magnesium - cashews, spinach, pumpkin seeds, and almonds.

    Magnesium is also commonly used before bed to promote sound sleep. We have multiple options for good ways to get Magnesium if you're not getting enough in your diet. If you’re into sparkling water - try out Hyvida.

    Hyvida boasts a powerful and easy way to get both magnesium and hydrogen. Their simple four-ingredient formula helps your body fight against free radicals with powerful antioxidants.

    Hyvida boasts a powerful and easy way to get both magnesium and hydrogen. Their simple four-ingredient formula helps your body fight against free radicals with powerful antioxidants. 

    Nordiq Nutrition makes a really great whole food powder with phytonutrients to support healthy digestion.

    Natural Vitality Calm Magnesium - This should be a staple in every household. There's a good chance you grew up on it.  It’s an excellent product to use before bedtime to help calm and soothe the muscles and mind. 


    4. Yaya Organics 

    Yaya Organics is a great brand for all-natural deet-free bug repellent! We have a tick repellent, mosquito repellent, and a tick and flea repellent specifically for pets.  

    yaya organics

    5. West Path Blankets 

    Blankets? In August? Yes. We’re approaching our final weeks of summer, make sure you have that throw for those days at the park , picnics at the beach or final nights by the campfires. We have an awesome selection of blankets starting at 20.00 by West Path to accompany you on your summer journeys and keep you warm in the fall. 


    Mint and Orange Baja Blanket Turquoise and Yellow blanket


    6. The Ugly Company 

    If you're looking for some good and ethical snacks - Try The Ugly Company.

    We love their upcycled peaches!! (Their kiwi and apricots are great too)

    "THOUSANDS of truckloads of Ugly fruit are thrown out in California EVERY YEAR. We throw away more peaches in California than the state of Georgia produces annually. This food is perfectly healthy to eat, but it looks a little quirky! Some call it ugly, but we call it a beautiful opportunity. Give Hello! I’m Ugly a try. Every package prevents at least 1 pound of perfectly ugly fruit from becoming waste."

    The ugly Company Apricots


    7. Pan's Mushroom Jerky

    Pan's Mushroom Jerky is great, and one of the first products we brought into Dirt Queen SF. They're based out of Oregon (which holds a special place in our heart.) Half the responses we get when people try Pan's for the first time is, "that's not meat?!" Their jerky is made from Shiitake Mushroom's and various seasonings - highly addictive. A personal favorite at Dirt Queen is the Salt and Pepper. Our customers LOVE the Zesty Thai and Applewood BBQ.

    Hope you have a great weekend!