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Dirt Queen Shirt by Corvidopolis - NOW SHIPPING!


When Dirt Queen was started MushUp was one of the first brands we curated. It's different than the other mushroom coffees because it isn't freeze dried, or ground - it's whole bean coffee, meaning the incredible oils that give us the flavor we love stay in tact - the beans are slow roasted at a low temperature for an extended period of time with the mushroom extracts - making this one of the best cups you can get.

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We carry a wide array of products with adaptogenic mushrooms in them. They aren't those kind, but magical none the less. Whether you're looking to support your immune system, boost your memory, have more energy, or reduce stress - there's likely a mushroom product you can benefit from.*

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When Dirt Queen SF started - one thing was clear - we wanted products that felt more like us. We didn't identify with the wellness brands we saw marketed everywhere - overhyped but underdelivering, no likeminded values, no mention of safety or sources of ingredients, and no one willing to put their face in front of the brand. After research we started to curate products for our store and most of the brands we carry are women-owned businesses. Some bring their cultural heritage and products used from Ayurvedic traditions - others just saw a need for a simple product to help with every day life.

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Mushroom Lady Mug - Dirt Queen Mug - Camper Mug

Dirt Queen SF

Dirt Queen mug by Stasia Burrington


We're always asked about THE Dirt Queen. We asked one of our favorite artists, Stasia Burrington, what a Dirt Queen might look like and she seriously delivered!

We are so excited to work with Stasia on this and so excited about this sweet mug to take with you on all of your adventures. Holds 12 oz 

Perfect for fungi lovers, mushroom lovers, and anyone who loves to get outside! 


We all know real beauty starts from the inside out and it doesn't have anything to do with what you look like. It doesn't mean hair, skin, and nail health isn't important though - this starts from the inside too!

We have you covered from the inside-out. Hair/skin/nail supplements, herbal elixirs with adaptogens, collagen powders, and more can help kickstart your internal process and we have face masks, cleansers, exfoliation products, and more. 

Make sure to check out one of our local favorites Free Flow Botanicals facemask with Reishi!

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